We develop imagery, words, and executions that drive desired behavior and achieve results for each brand we serve.


Finding Your Alignment

You know your business. You know your customers. You have an intrinsic sense of your place in the competitive landscape. Yet … do your marketing efforts leverage the power of absolute brand clarity?

Often, an outside perspective is the shortest path to such clarity. As a strategic marketing firm, it’s our job to understand, build and add value to your brand.

We collaborate with you – wherever you find yourself on the path to defining your brand – to blend critical insight with creativity to drive the success of your brand.

We work with you to clarify your core brand attributes and develop sound strategies to connect with your markets and customers, consistently and comprehensively.

We create your visual brand identity and help you find your brand voice. We build the assets, tools and a realistic plan to market your business for its greatest potential.

Thoughtful collaboration. Creative guidance. Committed implementation and stewardship. So your marketing efforts can leverage the power of brand clarity.


Four Tenets of the AHC Brand

1. Empowered Thinking: Strategic, Creative, Practical

It starts with insight. Then ideas. Add direction and a range of constructive solutions, integrated for consistency, efficiency and to optimize your message.

Every brand is unique. Every business has its own selling proposition. Our process begins with the belief that your internal direction and commitment deserve a brand identity and voice to fully express that commitment to your true north.

The path to your true north flows from the confluence of a sound strategic plan and creative inspiration. It directs your message to where your consumers live. Empowered thinking – strategic, creative and practical – clearly aligns your product’s value with the target market’s desire and need.

This alignment is the outcome of thoughtful analysis and research, and as obvious as it sounds, simply listening. Because we respect your unique business context and the path that led to where you are today, we offer scalable, versatile plans to construct your brand platform with implicit capacity to grow and evolve.


2. Inspiration, Embraced

Maintaining a belief that anything is possible is a core tenet of success. It is our job to make inspired possibilities actionable.

The idea that inspiration might present an obstacle to success is itself an obstacle. Blogging for the Harvard Business Review, Scott Barry Kaufman wrote Why Inspiration Matters, in which he observes that the essential power of inspiration will “… propel a person from apathy to possibility and transform the way we perceive our own capabilities.” As a parallel, we believe that inspiration can elevate a brand’s intrinsic value.

The most iconic brands thrive on clarity of vision. Inspiration is often the catalyst of such clarity. We embrace inspiration and thrive in relationships that honor the power of possibilities.


3. If Not Movement, Then Stasis

In today’s dynamic marketplace, there is one truth: That which is new propels economic prosperity.

Brands do not live in a vacuum. Individual businesses exist in economic ecosystems. We understand how brands interact in a larger market context. The conversations that brands generate and share are conduits to commerce. Constant brand engagement is crucial and shift is part of the game. We work with you to make sure your brand evolves with continuity and in the right direction.


4. Building Community Enhances Success

Aristotle wrote, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” By committing our part, we collectively reap the benefits of a greater whole.

We believe that economies are interdependent. Companies and brands excel in robust and vibrant communities. Our capacity for success expands through commitment to meaningful community connections and championing not just one voice, but many. In pursuit of the big idea, all ideas matter, no matter what their size.

We are all vested and we are all stakeholders.