Kady Hommel


Kady Hommel

Message & Content Director

“It’s all about finding ways to connect with your target audience – on their terms – and keeping a tight focus on their needs, and what moves them to engage. In a message-saturated world, we aim to make your communication a gift, not an obligation.”

Kady brings extensive marketing and messaging talent to the table, with background that includes corporate, B2B, nonprofit, professional services and education communications. What she’s good at: helping you zero in on what resonates with your audience, and shaping your communication with them so that it’s relevant, responsive and motivational.

As a design collaborator, Kady’s perspective about how to present information hierarchies adds essential value to the final creative product. She welcomes the challenge to evolve a complicated story into one that is compelling and direct – and thrives on helping you develop marketing momentum.

A native (and proud!) Canadian, Kady came south after graduate school, first to the heartland and then shifted happily to the Rocky Mountain west in 1999. She’s gratified to support various organizations in the quest to define Colorado Springs beyond the stereotypes. She’s committed to sharing the real story of why diverse, local-first economic development is essential to a strong future for our community, and welcomes a conversation anytime about good food and good buildings.

The Other Stuff

  • event producer for non-profits, political campaigns
  • corporate marketing manager, Burns and McDonnell Engineers (Kansas City, MO)
  • Old North End Neighborhood board member
  • Downtown Partnership board member
  • Colorado Springs Public Market board member
  • Downtown Creative Advisory Council member

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