Colorado Springs Public Market

Brand Identity

Challenge: The concept of a year-round public market is an emerging one for Colorado Springs but has been successful in other cities. The local organizing group needed to create a convincing case for investors, as well as potential vendors and customers in order to bring the idea to life in this community.

Solution: After conducting a feasibility study, AH Creative helped create a cohesive rationale for the Public Market idea around a “Commerce, Culture, Connection and Community” positioning. The agency helped lead community engagement efforts, supported by targeted marketing and fund raising materials. The newly developed brand portfolio included a full range of print and digital formats, all based on a strong visual identity and brand voice for the startup initiative. In 2014 the Colorado Springs Public Market was voted the “most desired addition” by more than 1,000 community members responding to a survey sponsored by the Colorado Springs Downtown Development Authority.

Marketing Media: Print, online, and social media