Chapel Hills Mall

Brand Development & Brand Marketing

Challenge: Revitalize Chapel Hills Mall’s 30-year-old visual identity and brand voice to communicate significant capital and tenancy improvements to this longtime regional retail destination in Colorado Springs. Differentiate the Mall as an ascending brand in an environment where many malls were declining, perceived as outmoded, and where lifestyle centers were emerging as fierce competitors.

Solution: Conducted Mind Mapping® session and shopper intercept surveys to clarify brand values and attributes, to serve as basis for re-established brand platform. Redesigned logo identity, developed new graphic standards. Brand position now emphasizes competitive advantages for Chapel Hills Mall such as choice, convenience, comfort, and safety, and the Mall’s established place in the retail landscape of southern Colorado. Recognizing both residents and visitors as important target groups, the Chapel Hills Mall identity now reflects a contemporary and a distinctly Colorado flavor.

Marketing Media: Print, facility, way-finding, retail and event signage, out-of-home, online, social media