Chapel Hills Mall

Summer Savings Campaign

Challenge: The period between spring and back-to-school is traditionally slow for many retail categories, including many of the 100-plus merchants at Chapel Hills Mall. However, there is the potential for huge shopper appeal based on all of the discounting that goes on during this interval, as well tempting inventories of warm-season merchandise. The Mall needed a fresh, eye-grabbing approach to shoppers that would remind them of the delights of summertime shopping and help motivate buying behavior.

Solution: Drawing a visual parallel between tasty summer treats and items in high-volume purchase categories (cosmetics, jewelry, apparel), AH Creative produced a fun seasonal campaign promoting summer savings throughout the Chapel Hill Mall, evoking iconic summer themes of food and food’s gratifications as an analogy for great savings on summer related merchandise. The campaign helped support strong sales through the summer months.

Marketing Media: Onsite signage, social media