Chapel Hills Mall

Every Gift Tells A Story Holiday Campaign

Challenge: Maximize seasonal sales for 100 Mall retailers whose success depends on holiday shopping revenue with a compelling consumer multi-media advertising campaign. Develop a distinctive message that would engage consumers and break through the advertising clutter, promoting Chapel Hills Mall as a premier destination for holiday shopping.

Solution: “Every Gift Tells A Story” campaign used the humor and charm of affinity stories to pull readers in and reinforce the concept that Chapel Hills Mall is the perfect place to find the perfect gift. Story gender archetypes included the male as ‘hunter’ on a trek to purchase the perfect gift for his wife, and the female as ‘gatherer’ collecting the perfect gifts for family and friends. Campaign included Facebook contest inviting patrons to share the story of their favorite gift and become eligible to win a Chapel Hills Mall gift card.

Marketing Media: Print, radio, social media, onsite signage